Clear Lake Woman Changes Homeless Man's Life

Ginger Sprouse, who runs Art of the Meal in Clear Lake said after driving past 32-year-old Victor Hubbard on the corner of El Camino Real and Nasa Road 1, she needed to do something to help him out.

According to KHOU, that particular spot that Victor landed at is the last place he reportedly saw his mother which is why he chose to wait there for her to return.

At the time, Victor was homeless and suffering from mental health issues when Ginger first started to offer him help, and had been waiting on the corner for three years.

Since taking action in December, Ginger has managed to get Victor into mental health clinics, helped him off the streets and has given him a job in her business’s kitchen. A GoFundMe page raising money to help with Victor’s living costs has seen more than $15,400

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