Should We Lower the Voting Age?

While many of us would rather see it go the other way, there's a movement underway to lower the voting age to 17. It's led by far left activist billionaire George Soros and his critics suspect the purpose of it is to increase voter fraud.

The younger the voter, the more likely he is to support left wing causes. But political insider Chris Begala says it's more than that.

"This effort is just another opportunity for the far left to cheat."

The group FairVote has pushed to allow 17-year-olds who will turn 18 before the general election to vote in Presidential primaries and caucuses.

"You can shoot these ballots by mail -- how they cheat and all these other ways; the more people that are registered the better chance you have to cheat."

Begala says most states are led by the GOP, so this isn't likely to take hold.

"It puts a politician in a tough position though, to go out there and in essence kind of denigrate a 17-year-old; I don't think it's anything personal, but I think 17-year-olds probably wouldn't vote anyway, even if they could -- I think you'd have very, very low voter turnout."

Right now blue state California is the closest to dropping the voting age to 17.

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