Has the tide turned on globalization?

Globalization, where goods and people move easily from country to country, has seen its better days if the election of Donald Trump as president was any sort of sign.

Houston financial planner Richard Rosso says globalization sounded good at the beginning. But now, not so much.

“It’s created outsourcing and wage stagnation. It’s taken away jobs. People feel it’s taken their economic fate and placed it in the hands of other countries,” Rosso explained.

Rosso says Americans feel exploited by this. That feeling is something Trump used to his advantage during the campaign against Hillary Clinton.

“We are not who we were. Globalization tries to level the playing field so that everyone is the same. We want to feel in America that we are not the same; that we are better,” Rosso said.

Which is one of the reasons Trump talked about, and after taking office, pulled out of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, maintaining sticking with it would hurt our economy.

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