Gun sales down under Trump administration

Since the election of Donald Trump, guns sales generally are down, but have risen among blacks and gays.  During the Obama administration, gun sales soared over fears that the Democrats would pass tough gun-control legislation, and gun shops nationwide stocked up in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory in the election. 

Michele Byington, attorney with Walker and Byington, says it’s a good idea for Americans of any description to be armed.  “We are seeing these communities, specifically the African-American community and the LGBTQ community, starting to purchase firearms and ammunition,” she says.  “And I think this is fantastic.”

The surge of gun sales in these groups is apparently based on fear of the Trump presidency.  Philip Smith, president of the National African American Gun Association, says racism is “accepted now. Groups that have been in the background or the fringe are now the mainstream."  Smith offers neither examples nor evidence. 

Byington says people who buy guns because they’re supposedly afraid of  Trump are missing the point.  “You should not fear the government,” she says.  “The government should fear you.  And that’s what I hope that these groups take away by arming themselves.”

Byington says all Americans have more to fear from common crime than from whoever is in the White House.  “It doesn’t matter who your attacker is,” she points out.  “If they are racially motivated, if they don’t like your sexual orientation, or [if] they just want your money, the end is going to be the same. They are going to attempt to hurt you.”

Byington welcomes previous non-gun owners to the fold, regardless of race or sexual preference.  “No one is immune, and I think it’s fantastic that these groups who, in the past, you know, may not have been as interested in owning firearms, are starting to come along and arm themselves in order to defend themselves,” she says.  She recommends all gun owners acquaint themselves with their rights by looking up U.S. Law Shield.

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