Houston-based Remembrance Project Moving to D.C.

A Houston non-profit dedicated to spreading the word about crimes committed by illegal aliens is moving to the nation's capital to assist with President Donald Trump's newly announced VOICE office, which stands for "victims of immigration crime engagement."

“He is listening to American families and that's very important, we've never had this before,” says Maria Espinoza, director of the Remembrance Project.  “How our country got away from caring for American families is unbelievable, but here we are.”

Espinoza says the president has been by their side since the campaign, so it’s time they offer their support to the administration's efforts to help other victims of criminal aliens.

“We all know there is something very wrong in America where Americans are not first in this country, and the most egregious of that effect is the loss of life due to our laws not being upheld.”

Espinoza says it was very telling when Democratic lawmakers and others gasped and moaned as the president unveiled the VOICE program during his joint session speech.

“That is proof some people prefer lawlessness over lawfulness in our country, and its killing our families and hurting Americans in so many ways,” she says.

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