Are Democrats being hypocrites?

Liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are pushing their supporters to disrupt Republican lawmakers at town halls. But, years, ago, they were saying something very, very different.

Back when the Tea Party started Pelosi called protesters 'un-American.' We hit the streets and found you think she's being a hypocrite.

“Not that they are out of power, of course they’re saying that this is how democracy works,” one man told KTRH.

Jeff Yates with the Conservative Republicans of Texas says Pelosi wouldn't stand for protesting at one of her town halls.

“They want to disrupt, but they want no other citizen with a different political ideology to even ask a question,” Yates explained.

And when President Obama was in office they delighted in calling Republicans the party of no. Now things are different.

“Now that they don’t like the policies that are being pushed, they want to hold things up. They are the ultimate party of no,” Yates stated.

It's the same with fake news; Democrats believe everything reported about President Trump but they sang a different tune about Hillary Clinton and her emails.

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