Bathroom Bill moves to full Texas Senate

The controversial bathroom bill being considered by Texas lawmakers has passed its first hurdle.

The Texas Senate State Affairs Committee voted early this morning to move SB6 to the full Senate for a vote.

The vote is being received well by supporters like Jared Woodfill of the Conservative Republicans of Texas. He expects the Senate to pass the bill, especially considering the support it has from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. But there are potential obstacles after that.

The House may not back the bill the way the Senate is expected to. Woodfill knows Speaker Joe Straus is not a fan of the proposal.

“He has said he’s opposed to the bill. The question becomes will he let our duly elected representatives vote,” Woodfill explained.

And Woodfill, the former Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, says Harris has a track record of letting proposed legislation like this die in committee.

“We are hopeful, and we are going to push, push, push to get a vote in the House,” Woodfill stated.

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