Retire? Never!

For those who love what they do, retirement can be a bad thing. Researchers say those people can suffer mental and health consequences after leaving work for good.

Workplace culture expert Bobby Albert says he's seen it happen.

"All of a sudden their mental health started falling down; their physical health started falling down; emotionally they begin to start isolating themselves."

Albert says his mother didn't want to retire.

"She just enjoyed getting up, having to dress and meet some customers that depended on her."

Albert says older workers who don't want to retire are good for business, too. They bring a lifetime of experience and they're eager to work.

"They have this level of competence, in other words, intellectually and even in their experience that's very helpful in the workplace and most of the time they're more adaptable -- they can fit their chemistry in the organization."

One study found what workers miss most in retirement is the social interaction with co-workers.

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