Divided Americans say country is losing its identity

One thing Americans seem to agree on is that we, as a country are losing our identity. But they disagree on what it means to be American.

This all comes from a new poll from the Associated Press finding 70% feel we're losing our identity. Republicans say that identity is grounded in Christian beliefs while Democrats talk about being open to other cultures. Melissa Mackenzie at the American Spectator isn't surprised by the divide.

“Pride in what it means to be an American has been lost and that central identity, and what the world view is of Americans has melted away a bit,” McKenzie explained.

Republicans point to the Obama Administration as the reason why we are losing our identity. So is President Trump the man to get that identity back?

“He’s asking a lot of questions that are causing violent, emotional answers on both sides,” Mackenzie explained. “But they are discussions that need to be had because they’ve been ignored.”

Sixty-five percent of Democrats say a mix of cultures is important to our identity; compared to 35 percent of Republicans.

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