SXSW has an Immigration Warning for International Acts

It's not new, but maybe it's the first time anyone has closely read a South by Southwest performer contract. The Austin music festival is warning that international acts -- who don't have the correct Visa -- could be turned over to ICE.

Houston immigration attorney Gordon Quan says this sort of language is standard in entertainer contracts.

"And I've seen an increase by Customs and Border Protection of scrutinizing these individuals and making sure they actually have the proper Visas to perform."

Quan says it may sound harsh, but Houston contracts have these provisions, too. He says it would be a disaster if international acts had the wrong paperwork and were delayed or got stuck at the airport and couldn't perform at all.

"I thought it was somewhat of a precautionary measure to make sure that they don't book somebody and then the individuals get caught at the airport and can't come and then it's a disaster for South by Southwest as well as for the group."

At least one band is refusing to perform at South by Southwest after reading the provision in the performance contract.

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