Sleep Tracker Apps – Good or Bad?

Much like FitBits, sleep tracker apps can tell us whether we're actually getting enough sleep. That's information you need, but what if that app interrupts sleep? That can happen, too.

“You (can) become obsessed with exactly how many hours was (you were) in restful sleep,” says Jim Evanger, CEO of Renew Sleep Solutions. “That thought process could cause you to be awake.”

Evanger says he likes the sleep tracker apps because they can tell you things about your sleep patterns you need to know. He will admit that there are also down sides.

He admits, “I think there is an opportunity for data overload.”

Texans Fighting Federal Overreach

By iHeartMedia’s Dale Forbis

The attorney for a central Texas rancher is challenging the federal government as it applies the Endangered Species Act. The tiny bone cave harvester spider lives on John Yearwood's ranch near Georgetown.

“Mr. Yearwood is limited on what he can do with his property,” says attorney Robert Henneke, with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, “out of concern for the civil and criminal penalties.”

Henneke says the federal law is being used improperly in this case.

“This cave spider, on Mr. Yearwood's ranch in central Texas, that never crosses state lines, is never bought or sold,” he argues, “is not interstate commerce.”

Henneke says the court case has a specific focus.

“It is not just about the cave spider species on Mr. Yearwood's property,” he says. “It's about recognizing a limitation on the Endangered Species Act, as a whole.”

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