Indoor Toxicity Could Get You Sick

Spring is knocking on the door and your house may be ready to welcome in a little early year cleaning.

There are a number of everyday things lurking in the recesses of your house that could cause sickness if left unchecked.  Dust mites could be living in your bedding, and experts warn that especially as weather turn warmer to wash your sheets in 60-degree weather at least once a week.

Mold can be a serious health concern, often growing in spaces with poor ventilation and collected moisture that can lead to coughing, runny and itchy eyes, and fatigue.  Internist Dr. Al Johnson says if you are feeling out of sorts be sure to tell your health care provider about the conditions in your home you feel could be impacting you.  “You can talk to your doctor and be sure to tell them, ‘We had a water leak, now the wall is looking black, my air vents have black growing on them and I’m getting these type of symptoms,’” he says.  The EPA says the best way to control mold is to control moisture.

Often times pathogens in the air, whether it be from pet dander or dust, can cause problems.  “People that are allergic are more likely to be the first ones who have problems when you have contamination of an indoor environment,” he tells KTRH News.  Household cleaning supplies are sometime toxic and can cause a reaction.  Vacuum cleaners that still run but distribute more dust and dirt than they collect can be a problem.  Dirty bath mats can be loaded with hazardous bacteria.

It’s time to clean house!

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