Bidding Process for Border Wall Under Way

About 40 Texas companies so far have shown interest in bidding on the Trump administration's border wall.  More than 300 total have lined up for the bidding process which begins this month.

“The bidding time frame on these prototypes is very short and they're going to get that process done and move directly into the bidding process for building the wall,” says Bob Price at Breitbart Texas.

Apprehensions of illegal aliens cross into the U.S. have dropped since President Donald Trump took office, but Price says overall numbers are still up 32 percent over this time last fiscal year.

“They did see a drop off enough to the point where they shut down two of their expansion stations they made for expanded processing, but the numbers are still much higher than they were this time last year,” he says.

Meanwhile, Mexico's ambassador to the U.S. says his country will only take back Mexicans being deported -- not anyone else caught crossing the southern border.

“They don't seem to mind letting those people come across their southern border knowing their destination is not Mexico, but the United States, so I don't seen anything wrong with us giving those people back to them,” says Price.

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