Carjacking Victim Helps Police End Chase

Two bank robbery suspects are in custody, with the help of the man they tried to carjack.  

Police began their chase after they were called to an Amegy Bank on Bissonnet Street in Bellaire.  Two men escaped in a black Mercedes, eventually leading police to a side street off Interstate 45 and the North Loop.

That’s where the men tried to carjack Jose Mora, and his handicapped father Carlos.   They had pulled over to stay clear of the chase.

Jose Mora tells our TV Partner KPRC Channel-2, “The car was coming towards us. I thought it was going to crash, but it ended up stopping right next to us, trying to take my dad’s car. That's when I just reacted and tried to stop him.”  He tried to tackle the suspect while avoiding a punch.  Police then stepped in and arrested the man. 

The second suspect tried to run away, but was also captured. 

Mora says he was just trying to protect his father.  "My world, that's my dad. That's it. The only person that actually understands me."

Police have not identified the suspects, but say they may be connected to other bank robberies.

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