New research says moral outrage is self-serving

If you have ever wondered why it’s the left that lashes out with all of the moral outrage we’ve been seeing lately, the problem might not be yours. It might be theirs.

New research from a pair of college professors concludes that the morale outrage is self-serving; that people are compensating and trying to feel better about themselves. Psychologist Wendy Rice told KTRH it's easier to lash out that to do something productive about it.

“It’s effortful sometimes to take personal action to ‘be a good person,’ so if you can express outrage in a public way then you don’t actually have to do anything,” Rice explained.

And why do these people feel the need to lash out? Rice says it's partly due to what they feel inside that they don’t want anyone else knowing about. And that the messaging from mainstream media plays a role, too.

“Certainly there is a bent. They come with a position. Media isn’t interesting if they talk about the boring stuff,” Rice stated.

KTRH tried reaching out to Zach Rothschild and Lucas Keefer, the two professors behind this new study. They declined our request for an interview.

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