Are You Lonely Tonight?

Doctors say we're lonelier than ever; a British study finds one in eight of us don't have close friends to turn to when we're feeling blue.

Houston psychiatrist Dr. Seth Silverman says it might be even worse.

"I think that's absolutely true; I think it's probably higher than that."

Dr. Silverman says we value things over love.

"When you value things you don't get any love; it drills a hole in your soul and it can't be filled. That's one of the problems of being as affluent as our country is; is that we want more, we can have more and we want to beat the Joneses; beating the Joneses makes us even more lonely."

Dr. Silverman says you might think social media would make us more social, but not necessarily.

"Well, I think social media cuts both ways. It can make people closer because they stay in touch but they don't have that physical contact, that eye contact, that emotional contact that really makes us get close to people, let's us see them, feel them, share with them and eventually love them."

Dr. Silverman says the answer to loneliness is to make love a top priority in your life.

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