Muslims May Outnumber Christians by Century's End

Muslims are poised to equal, and eventually outnumber, the world's Christians as Islam rises around the globe.

Islam, now the fast-growing religion, has 1.6 billion world followers -- second to the 2.2 billion christians.

With that trend comes concern from some that religion-based sharia law may be introduced into Western democracies.

Michael Johns, a Tea Party co-founder and former White House speechwriter, acknowledges the global trend.

Johns says that having more Muslim voters does not equal sharia law -- especially here in the United States, he says, since it sharia is in direct conflict with a number of Constitutional principles.

In the U.S. for example, religious freedom extends to all -- but not to the corners of its government.

He adds that respect of all faiths is important, but without embracing sharia law ... or to extremism in the name of the Koran.

At the far end of people acting in the name of Islam are violent extremists, but Johns says they “are perverting that religion.”

Muslims make up 1 percent of the U-S population. The Pew Research Center predicts that to more than double to 2.1 percent by 2050.

Muslims make up 23 percent of the world’s population – still short of the 2.2 billion Christians who represent 31 percent of the population.

Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims of any country, but India may take mantle by 2050 – at which time Muslims may make up 10 percent of Europe’s population.

Anti-Islam politicians have risen in several European countries as part of a tide calling for limits or a halt on immigration.

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