How crucial is March to the GOP?

The month of March is now here, and some are saying it’s the most crucial month for Republicans in decades.

There are many big ticket items on the agenda; working on tax reform, passing a budget, and replacing Obamacare. Texas Republican Strategist Bill Miller says things have to start moving.

“I wouldn’t describe it as do or die. But I would absolutely describe it as indicative. You have to get the ball rolling or you don’t,” Miller said.

And says if it doesn't, the base will not be happy lawmakers haven't kept their promises.

“There’s going to be a slumping of the shoulders with people thinking ‘Not this again.’ It’s hard to get enthusiastic back up and get it going,” Miller explained.

And if Republicans can't get moving, there is a question as to whether or not it could impact local races in the midterms of 2018. Michael Joyce with the Texas GOP doesn't think so.

“At least down here we’re safe. As for swing states that might be different, but things are looking good down here,” Joyce stated.

And in 2018, lawmakers like Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick and Senator Ted Cruz are all up for re-election.

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