Are Online Degrees Worth It?

Some say online degrees aren't worth their cost. But supporters say not all online degrees are created equal.

A Stanford study finds students with online degrees don't make enough money to justify the amount they spend for those online degrees. But Vicky Phillips at says employers don't always look down on those degrees.

"90% of employers believe that online degrees can be as good as residential degrees, but only if three crucial characteristics are met."

Phillips says those characteristics are: is the online degree from a college with a residential campus? Does the college have a good reputation? And does it have regional accreditation?

Phillips says if the degree comes from a school with a residential campus, it'll probably be worth it.

"More than a third of all established brick and mortar, residential schools offer at least one online degree program. Name brand schools like Duke University and Indiana University now offer online degrees."

The Stanford study says students between 1999 and 2014 didn't earn enough to pay off the massive student loans they took out for their online degrees.

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