Trump set to address Congress tonight

A day after pro-Donald Trump rallies were held across the country, the President will be taking his case to Congress in his first speech to our country’s lawmakers.

It’s not the official ‘State of the Union’ address because Trump just took over the White House. So what do local lawmakers want to hear from the President? Houston city council member Mike Knox says, for him, it comes down to one thing; healthcare.

“I think everybody wants to hear his plan for Obamacare, and how he plans to remove and replace that,” Knox said.

Reports say Democratic Congressmen will bring Dreamers and Muslim Americans to the speech tonight in an effort to throw the President off his game. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong from Galveston told KTRH this was something to be expected.

“Democrats are going to work against him irrespective of what he does,” Armstrong stated.

Knox thinks this could backfire on those lawmakers.

“Their goal is to make him look bad and to disrupt. The more the left tries to do that the more solid his base becomes,” Knicks explained.

The speech gets underway at 8pm Houston Time. Stay tuned to Newsradio 740 KTRH for full speech coverage.

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