We're Seeing Even More UFOs

There have been more than 4,000 UFO sightings in Texas since 1998. Now, a few of the experts in the field are reporting the number of sightings is up significantly in recent years.

Physicist and UFO expert Stanton Friedman says the phones hardly ever stop ringing at the Mutual UFO Network.

“They get between 500 and a thousand sighting reports a month, and that's been going on for years,” Friedman says. “Now, most can be explained, but it's the ones that can't be that mattered.”

Only three states have had more sightings than Texas over the last 20 years. This state has several locations which are famous for the amount of unexplainable activity in the sky, including a lonely field near Marfa.

Friedman gives a lot of lectures and he says he always asks his audience how many have seen a UFO. The numbers might surprise you.

“Would you believe it's about 10 percent of the audience,” he says, “and I've had as many as two-thousand people, so that's a lot of sightings.”

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