Mainstream Media targets Trump, and ‘Deplorables’ too

The mainstream media doesn’t have a lot of love for President Donald Trump. That’s easy to spot whenever you turn on your television. It also looks like they don’t think much of Trump supporters; or ‘Deplorables,’ as Hillary Clinton called them.

Dale Huls of the Clear Lake Tea Party says if you watch the mainstream media the contempt for 'deplorables' has gotten worse since the election.

“They do hold us in extremely low regard. There’s no question,” Huls said.

So, how is this manifesting itself? Huls says it's easy to see how things have changed since the Tea Party started in 2009.

“They used to imply that we were bigots and racists. Now, they just come right out and say it,” Huls explained, adding that the mainstream media tears down everything that comes from the right. And Huls says that it wasn't the politicians that pushed Tea Partiers into action back in 2009. It was the mainstream media.

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