Polls show support for Trump refugee initiatives

There are polls that have recently come out showing a majority of you want fewer refugees and that you support the President and his views on illegal immigration. But, you’re not hearing about them, at least not from the mainstream media.

And you're not hearing about them, according to J. Christian Adams at the Public Interest Legal Foundation because the mainstream media simply doesn't want you hearing about them.

“They’re part of the operation of the opposition. The mainstream media exists in 2017 to help the Democratic Party,” Adams said.

And he says the poll results show that you have had it with the way things went under the Obama Administration.

“During the Obama Administration, a very deliberate effort was made to undermine the culture of lawfulness; of similarities; of assimilation,” Adams explained.

Pollsters for the Harvard Center for American Politics Studies found 51% want the US to accept fewer refugees and that 53% agreed with President Trump's extreme vetting order. An earlier poll from Morning Consult found 55% support for that order.

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