Texas Sen. Garcia Pushes Sanctuary “Safe Zones”

A recent Harvard-Harris poll shows some 80-percent of American voters oppose sanctuary cities, but that hasn't stopped a Houston democrat from proposing legislation stopping local police from enforcing immigration laws.

State Sen. Sylvia Garcia this week introduced SB 997 to establish "safe zones" around hospitals, schools, colleges, churches and courthouses.

“We don't want police officers carrying out federal immigration laws at these places that are supposed to be safe for everyone,” Garcia said Wednesday.

“When it comes to our families being able to go to a hospital, they should not be targeted.  Anyone seeking help in a courthouse and our system of justice should not be targeted.  And no parent should live in fear of going to their child's school to see how they're doing.”

Garcia says it’s in response to what she calls "conflicting" orders coming from the Trump administration.

“There are institutions that have to be respected and trusted, and people should not fear going into these institutions,” she says.

The Texas Senate already has approved SB 4 banning ``sanctuary cities.''  It calls for criminal charges against local officials who refuse to help federal authorities deport illegal aliens.

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