Do Texans think ‘Bathroom Bill’ is a must pass proposal?

President Trump made it official on Wednesday, rescinding the Obama transgender bathroom guidelines that allowed public school students to use the restrooms of their choice. And the battle over a proposed ‘bathroom bill’ in Texas continues. But how important is it to Texans?

A poll from UT and the Texas Tribune shows only 39% of Texans think it's important for lawmakers to pass the bill. Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas told KTRH he doesn't care what polls say.

“We voted in Houston, and by an overwhelming majority, 61-39% the people said men should stay out of women’s restrooms. So let’s look at the real data,” Woodfill explained.

But there’s another side to this; the economic one. Investors that manage trillions of dollars like T. Rowe Price sent a letter warning the state that passing the bill would hurt the Texas economy. Jessica Shortall at Texas Competes says lawmakers should be paying attention.

“That letter that came out said something like 11 trillion in assets under management from those businesses. And the NFL and NBA aren’t to be scoffed at either. Small businesses depend on tourism,” Shortall said.

Both the NFL and NBA have warned Texas that passing that bill would put future Super Bowls and All-Star Games at risk.

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