Trump doing well with Texas Republicans

While establishments Republicans in Washington have problems with President Donald Trump, Republicans in Texas are singing his praises.

A new poll from U-T and the Texas Tribune shows 81% of Republicans approve of what the President has been doing. Jim Henson at UT is the co-director of the poll and says things have changed since last year's primary.

“However much skepticism there might have been here because we had Texans had the ballot, now that the general election is over, Republicans are rallying around Donald Trump,” Henson explained.

As for the direction of the country, 39% say it's heading in the right direction now, up in a big way from October numbers.

“Twenty-two percent of Texans said the country was going in the right direction the, and 67 percent said it was on the wrong track. In February the right track number has risen 17 points and the wrong track number has dropped to 49,” Henson said.

Texans overall feel better about the economy, with 40% saying the country is either a lot or somewhat better off than a year ago. That’s up from 28% in October.

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