Man's Senses are Making Him Sick

Our senses aren't attuned to the world we live in. Scientists call it a mismatch and it's making us short-sighted, fat and unhappy. Dr. Steffanie Campbell says our senses were developed for one world and we live in another.

“Our world is rapidly changing with industrialization and with computers and, of course, our eyesight,” Dr. Campbell says, “our sense of smell and touch haven't been able to keep up with that.”

We spend our time inside in fake lighting and constant staring at computers is damaging our eyes. The experts say we need to go outside, exercise and smell the roses. The disconnect between our senses and the modern world is making us sick.

Early in man’s development, he developed a taste for sugary fruits, but they were available only sporadically in that life. Hard as it is to believe, it could involve the sense of smell.

“People that have difficulty smelling cannot taste their food,” the internal medicine physician at Kelsey-Seybold explains, “thus we tend to add more seasoning, more salt, more sugar.”



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