Is college liberalism creating a new generation of conservatives?

The liberal culture we see on college campuses; the intolerance that seems to exist there may be creating a whole new generation of conservatives.

It's what they are seeing in the U-K, and SMU political scientist Cal Jillson told KTRH it's only logical to think it's happening on American college campuses.

“It’s always true that there’s mobilization and counter-mobilization. When you get mobilization on the left, you are likely to get counter-mobilization on the right,” Jillson explained.

And Matthew Wiltshire, leader of the College Republicans at U-H, says he knows students who've been pushed out by the left because of their social justice warrior mentality.

“Liberals claim everyone should be allowed to have a different opinion, but then, as Will Buckley said, they’re shocked that people have that different opinion,” Wiltshire said.

And a British market research firm says 'Gen Z,' the post-millennial generation, is the most conservative generation they've seen since 1945.

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