Mainstream Media won’t use term ‘Illegal Immigrants’

It looks like the mainstream media is trying to send a subliminal message when it comes to illegal immigration. And it’s a message people aligned with anti-illegal immigration groups are concerned about.

During last week's 'A Day without Immigrants' protests, the mainstream media referred to them as immigrants, not illegal immigrants. They make no differentiation between the two. Maria Espinoza at the Remembrance Project, which advocates for families of loved ones killed by illegals, told KTRH it's all about the mainstream media's agenda.

“This is what the media with an agenda is trying to do, to promote the open borders agenda,” Espinoza said.

And she says it's the mainstream media that has to change, because you've shown you don't trust them.

“The media has to report the truth. It’s as simple as that. There’s a right way and a wrong way. There’s no gray area,” Espinoza explained.

A poll from Fox last week showed you trust President Trump more than you trust the mainstream media; by a 45-42 percent margin.

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