Is Facebook watching you?

We tell you all the time that big companies are doing more to invade your privacy. Now that apparently will extend to something as simple as logging on to Facebook.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is hinting at using artificial intelligence to watch your activity in private messages, and even censor it. Keith Barthold, a cyber security expert at DKB Innovative, told KTRH it's scary.

“This really implies that Facebook would start monitoring that and looking for suspicious activity,” Barthold stated.

And he says this won't be the last time a social media outlet tries this.

“We already know that social media outlets are employing some type of artificial intelligence to cut down on spam and identify where the messages are coming from,” Barthold explained. “I think it is a matter of time until you see more social media monitoring.”

Zuckerberg talked about this in a post about Facebook's future last week. But, that was an edited version. An earlier version was given to the Associated Press where he talked more in depth about AI, and he said it might identify terrorists using private messages to plan attacks.

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