Digital Ad Targets Texas Bathroom Bill

The ACLU of Texas has recruited a Houston film director for its digital ad campaign against Texas' so-called 'bathroom bill.'  But lawmakers say not even Richard Linklater can stop SB 6 from moving forward.

“You've got to roll up your sleeves, pull down your pants and pee with LGBT,” says the ad, entitiled “Take a Seat, Making a Stand.”

“Because everybody pees and everybody deserves a safe place to.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick again said SB 6 is nothing like the bill causing controversy in North Carolina, insisting it reflects the common sense of everyday Texans.

“Senate Bill 6 protects businesses and it protects women, and it protects teenagers and children in school,” Patrick told reporters Monday.  “Those who would oppose it obviously favor boys and girls showering together in 10th grade.”

State Sen. Paul Bettencourt expects to see movement on the issue next month.  “I believe we will have hearings on that shortly in the next couple weeks and that bill should probably have a very good chance of coming out of the Senate over to the House.”

Critics argue the legislation opens the door for discrimination against transgender people.

“Its not the complicated version of the bill in North Carolina that has had literally rockets red glare of national debate,” says Bettencourt.  “This is common sense that people go to the showers and restrooms that they should and that businesses can't be told how many bathrooms they can have in their businesses.”

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