Credit Cards Offer Big Incentives

In an increasingly-competitive marketplace, credit card companies are offering rewards like cash and air travel miles. "America's Money Answers Man" Jason Goodman says that attracts millennials to apply for a new card.

“The millennials like airline miles because they like experiences,” Goodman says. “They tend to want to do things, as opposed to buy things.”

In contrast, there are thousands of credit card holders who are unaware of the specials they're missing.

“Many people have not checked in more than a decade to see what's available and now is really a good time to do it,” he says, “because the offers are at an all-time high.”

With the average interest rate standing at 13 percent, there are big profits at stake for the companies.

“There are some tremendous new offers out there at this time

-- frequent flier miles, rebates.”

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