Your TV is Listening to You

The giant tech company Samsung is warning customers, your smart TV is listening to you. You probably didn’t realize that, so don’t share personal information.

Cyber security expert Keith Barthold says the voice activation feature captures all nearby conversations.

“When you are recording voice commands,” Barthold warns, “be careful what you say because it is transmitted.”

And, it's not only your new television.

“Amazon Echoes are listening and Siri is listening,” he explains, “looking for keywords and trigger words to then take voice commands.”

The good news is, there's a button on your remote to deactivate the recording. You just have to remember to do it, says the expert with Otherwise, the information is recorded and passed on to a third-party company.

“It's a company that translates voice instructions to machine instructions,” he says, “and not a third-party marketing agency.”

Of course, nobody likes to be recorded when they weren’t aware of it.

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