You can do Almost Anything with a Smart Phone

This could be the end of the ATM card. New ATMs will work with your smart phone.

Most new phones have NFC chips that allow you to pay for things with just your phone in your hand.

"I think you'll see those in Texas in a few months; some of the larger banks will experiment with it."

John Heasley with the Texas Bankers Association says it's the future.

"You're still gonna have people that are writing checks, as we do now; you're still gonna have people using ATM cards. I just think this will evolve to capture a certain segment of the market that likes to have more things concentrated in the handheld device."

Namely, millennials; Heasley says it won't cost too much to change the money machines and the technology is secure.

"The technology is already there; it'll be a question of how much of the market they can try. There'll be some experiments in different marketplaces to see if this catches on; if doesn't it'll fade off but I think eventually we'll get to a point where pretty much everything can be done with a phone."

Heasley says we should start seeing the new ATMs in Houston and Dallas in a few months.

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