Is Your Spouse a Netflix Cheater?

Everyone’s talking about Netflix’s new study finding an increase in the number of streaming couple’s suffering from Netflix cheating.  Jimmy Kimmel brought it up in a recent monologue.  “They did a study,” he teased, “They found that 51% of people in committed relationships are likely to Netflix cheat on each other.”

Netflix cheating can generally be described as promising a partner that you’ll watch a show on Netflix together, and then watching on your own…alone.

The study found 80% of cheating wasn’t planned, it just happened.  Two-thirds of respondents said “the shows are just so good we can’t stop bingeing.”

And you can’t entirely blame them.  25% of cheating happens when one partner falls asleep, but 53% say that doesn’t really count. 

And it’s happening globally.  The most cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico, where up to 58% of couples admit they have cheated.  You’ll find your most loyal partners in the Netherlands, where 73% of people say they have never cheated.

Shows most often cheated on include the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and House of Cards.

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