Worms Could Help You Lose Weight

Thinking about worms might ruin your appetite and that might help you lose weight. If not, actual worms might help do the job. Scientists say they've found a gene that humans and roundworms share that helps control appetite.

Dr. Jessica Stull at Kelsey-Seybold says the roundworm gene is similar to another appetite gene.

"This gene is called the Leptin gene; it produces a hormone that works to decrease food intake."

But Dr. Stull says we're probably a long way away from a product hitting the market.

"It's just a gene that's been identified and has been shown to cause weight loss in people lacking the hormone, but it's not something I see in the near future."

It's hoped these genes could lead to a drug that reduces appetite and increases desire for exercise.

"It's still under very many studies; of course in animals that are deficient it has been shown to be beneficial, but not all people that are overweight are obese and actually very rarely are people deficient in this (Leptin)."

Scientists say the roundworm gene encourages animals to look for food when hungry and sleep when full.fat

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