Bull Market Continues as Fed Chair Hints of Rate Hike

Stocks remained strong as Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen wrapped up two days of testimony on Capitol Hill.

Markets are bracing for the possibility of Yellen raising the odds for a March rate hike.   The stock exchange so far has been a raging bull since President Donald Trump's election.

“Small caps, large caps, value stocks, growth stocks, everything is at all-time highs right now,” says Leonard Raskin, founder and CEO of Raskin Global.  “As an investor, if this was the first time I was ever putting money in the market and I was elderly doing that, I would be concerned.”

“If I was younger doing that, I would have no concern at all.”

Yellen did tell Congress it would be unwise to wait too long to raise interest rates.  However, Raskin insists a rate hike doesn't pack the same punch as regulation passed by Congress.

“What's being factored in right now is the expectation of less regulation and less taxes, and if those things don't come to pass, we could be in for a rude awakening,” he says.

Raskin says its too soon to say which industries will benefit and which won't under the Trump administration.

“Only diversified portfolios, set a target of what you want in stocks and rebalance,” he says.  “Buy when you're below target, sell when you're above target and be disciplined and logical and try to leave emotions on the sidelines.”

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