Will ICE raids continue?

Immigrant communities throughout the United States and Houston say they are living in fear after raids by immigration authorities targeting criminal illegal aliens.

As for whether those operations will continue. Elizabeth Theiss at Stop the Magnet, a Houston anti-illegal immigration group, told KTRH says she thinks they will.

“Crime and illegal behavior, and the fact we have so many people with detainers that never got deported; I’m almost certain they will continue,” Theiss said.

Immigration attorney Gordon Quan says there is some shock in the immigrant community.

“They have previously taken a more liberal attitude. Now they are cracking down. They are not showing any understanding, just enforcing orders,” Quan explained.

Theiss says President Trump is just doing what he told everyone he'd do during the campaign.

“When we finally get a President working hard to keep his word, it’s almost exhilarating. We’re thrilled,” Theiss stated.

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