Valentine’s Day Stressful for Some

You may think of Valentine's Day as a day of chocolate candy and love. If so, you're almost alone. reports 74 percent of consumers are stressed. Many people complain they can't find any "me time" -- time to be alone -- this time of year.

“That's followed by finances, says shopping and trends expert Sara Skirboll. “Twenty-eight percent say it can be stressful to buy gifts for their significant other.”

Skirboll says there are all sorts of things to worry about.

“Planning dates, deciding where to eat, deciding who pays,” she says, “These are all stressers, when it comes to a relationship.”

Young adults struggle the most -- 88 percent of millennials say valentine's day is stressful for them – but there is hope.

“Flowers, jewelry, chocolates, accessories -- they're all still really popular, they reign supreme again this year,” she points out, “and the good news is, your favorite places are all offering good deals.”

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