Poll: Trump sending people to therapy

If you believe what a poll conducted by on online therapy site says; if you believe what other therapists are saying, there are many people going to therapy these days complaining about President Trump.

Now you might find that hard to believe, but psychology professor Tamara Brown at Prairie View A&M told KTRH it is happening.

“People have all kinds of worries and anxieties of their own. And they are hearing from other people saying the same thing in their social networks,” Brown said.

A recent poll showed 60% dealing with post-election stress. Therapist Veronica Sites says people are just stressing themselves out.

“To the extreme that somebody is allowing what is taking place; they feel the need to check media, and they are stressing over what is possible,” Sites explained.

And that this might be going on with millennials more than anyone else.

“They are a generation of change, very much like the generation we see in their 70’s and 80’s,” Sites stated.

But Sites also says she also says we never saw this from the right when President Obama won re-election in 2012.

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