Boycotts Turn Shopping Bags Into Political Statements

Boycotts of businesses like Nordstrom, L.L. Bean and Under Armour show that in the Trump era, your purchasing decisions have never been more political.

Activists continue to target ... or support ... businesses and brands.

Social media platforms are speeding efforts to devote or deny dollars based on political views.

The anger among some who regard shopping as a statement is directed all the way to the White House.

Media relations expert Chrysta Castañeda, president of Canterbury Communications, says the efforts are hard to sustain, because the anger and energy tend to “fizzle out.”

She says businesses under boycott should take stock of their customers -- and of the criticisms -- and keep management on the same page.

Though efforts by liberal groups have been the most energetic lately, the right also wages pocketbook wars. When Kellogg's pulled ads from Breitbart News, conservatives boycotted ... and the news outlet points out that the cereal maker posted a $53 million-dollar loss last quarter.

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