Young Men Wait Till Later to Marry

Marriage is not a ball and chain, men.

Houston relationship expert Mary Jo Rapini says in a comparison of the “quality of life” between men who have taken the plunge and single men, marriage is the better choice.  “New studies have shown that even the nagging that women do, that men used to complain about – you know, that’s how that ball and chain thing came about – makes men feel more cared for and connected,” she says.

What?!?  Nagging?

In spite of the fact that many studies have shown that married men are found to have better sex lives, are healthier and enjoy higher salaries, the U.S. marriage rate has dropped from 70 to 50% over the past four decades.   “They’re living together, more likely, they’re trying each other out, this generation grew up with a generation that got many divorces and I think they’re afraid of repeating that,” Rapini tells KTRH News.

Or maybe it was the nagging.

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