Twitter Struggling to Make Money

Financial experts aren't predicting much sales growth for the social media giant Twitter this year. Despite billions of users, that's why the future of the social media giant is being questioned. “Bloomberg Intelligence” says Twitter strategies aren't working.

Hi-tech guru Peter Shankman agrees -- the big problem is investor indifference.

“No matter how much our current president uses Twitter, it's really not going to turn into the advertising that Twitter is hoping for to make them profitable,” Shankman points out. “It's worked for Snapchat. It's worked for Instagram. It's worked for Facebook. Unfortunately, Twitter is just not catching it.”

Twitter has added features it can monetize, but advertising sales were way off in the last fiscal year. That trend doesn't seem to be changing directions this year.

“It's really up in the air,” he says. “They're looking for earnings; they're not seeing it. They're looking for growth; they're not seeing it. They're looking for active user growth and they're not seeing that either.”

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