Haze, Sulfur-Like Smell Wafts Across Houston Area

Houston-area officials are monitoring a strong odor moving roughly westward across the area.

The odor is drifting west across the city, primarily between Interstate 10 and U.S. 59, including downtown. It has a sulfur-like smell -- and in some areas produced a white haze.

The Katy ISD is restricting outdoor activities this afternoon because of the smell and haze over the Houston area.

Air quality monitors do not indicate the presence of hazardous chemicals. "Air-quality monitoring shows no cause for concern," according to the Houston Fire Department. 

"Houstonians may want to avoid travelling through the affected area ... and stay inside until the smell has dissipated," according to the Office of Emergency Management.

Initial media reports that the smell was coming from an area chemical plant have not been independently confirmed.

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