Organizers planning pro-Trump Rallies across U.S.

By now you have seen and heard about the anti-Trump rallies that seem to be held every weekend for the last few weeks. What you haven’t seen is rallies being held by people supporting the President. That is about to change.

The Spirit of America Rallies will take place around the country on February 27th and March 4th. These are being put together by Conservative grassroots leaders like Col. Rob Maness, a two time Senate candidate in Louisiana. He tells KTRH this is a response to the protests we've seen.

“These will be positive, patriotic and upbeat to show their support,” Maness said.

Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party Movement, and will be involved as well as a speaker at the DC rally on March 4th. He says that another reason for the rallies is to send a message to Congress.

“There’s also a concern that Congress may not be moving fast enough on the implementation of the Trump agenda,” Johns stated.

There is no rally set for Texas yet, but Johns says the list of rallies is growing rapidly, and adding a rally in Texas is entirely possible.

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