Are terrorists plotting to attack U.S. airports?

Terrorist attacks at airports have been an issue in Europe. We saw an attack that may have been partly inspired by that ideology at Fort Lauderdale in January, and our government is concerned there may be more of this sort of thing coming.

According to a House Homeland Committee investigation, there are fears about insider threats; airport employees who may want to plan and carry out lone wolf attacks. National security Analyst Kevin Mellott at ERASE Enterprises isn't shocked.

“It’s nothing new, but it’s a formalization of a variety of incidents saying that this is an ongoing problem,” Mellott said.

So what is the TSA doing to keep you safe at Bush and Hobby airports? They aren't saying. Mellott says they don’t want to give away their plans to the bad guys. But he does say there are things they should be putting into place.

“What they really need to be doing is to have better understanding of perimeter discretion and the way they look at people coming into the airport; who is coming in for what purpose,” Mellott explained.

In a statement, the TSA told KTRH, “TSA appreciates the House Homeland Security Committee’s efforts to help secure America’s airports. We are reviewing the report and will continue to work with the committee as well as our industry, intelligence community, and law enforcement partners to ensure all modes of transportation remain secure.”

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