What Will Trump's Border Wall Look Like?

President Donald Trump this week said his proposed wall on the southern border is currently in the design phase, and compared it to the wall Israel already has.

“The wall is getting designed right now,” the president told the Major Cities Chiefs Association Winter Meeting.  “A lot of people say 'oh, oh, Trump was only kidding with the wall.  I wasn't kidding, I don't kid. I don't kid.”

“It will be a great wall, and it will do a lot of -- will be a big help.  Just ask Israel about walls.  Do walls work?  Just ask Israel.  They work -- if it’s properly done.”

Preliminary reports describe a 30 foot high wall stretching the length of our border with Mexico.  However, U.S. Border Watch president Curtis Collier says some of the work is already done.

“You don't have to cover the whole 2,000 miles, there's some natural barriers already in place, and then some of the wall will be technology more than brick-and-mortar,” says Collier.

“We already have portions of it there, so its just a continuation of that.”

Whether or not Mexico pays for the wall, Congress still holds the purse strings to make it happen.

“If Congress can get it approved and Democrats don't just stand in the way, we could have most of it in place probably in 18 to 24 months,” says Collier.

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