Was Trump right about murder rate?

President Trump says the murder rate in the United States is at its highest point in 47 years. The mainstream media has been hitting back at him over that statement. So who is right?

According to a new study released by The Economist, Trump is. The research shows the country's murder rate is rising at its fastest rate since the early 70's. Alex del Carmen, a criminologist at Tarleton State University, told KTRH Trump's phrasing might have been slightly off.

“What he may have intended to say is that there has been a recent increase in the murder rate in the United Stated,” del Carmen explained.

And that is 100% right. The nation's murder rate is 4.9%. Houston, with 302 murders in 2016, has a murder rate of around 13%. Del Carmen says part of this is how you feel about where you live, too.

“One of the most truthful factors when it comes to crime is how people feel towards crime. In other words, how safe or unsafe you feel,” del Carmen said.

In comparison to Houston, Chicago had 762 murders last year; that city's rate is an astounding 27.9%.

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