Pastor Policy Summit Draws Prostest Over Bathroom Bill

A meeting Thursday between Texas pastors and state lawmakers drew protests over a so-called "bathroom bill” that would would limit access to public restrooms based on the gender on your birth certificate.

“They said the same thing about Houston, that we would lose the Super Bowl, lose the Final Four, conventions would cancel, they're using the same worn out argument,” says Dave Welch at the Houston Area Pastor Council.

“They're liberals theologically and they're liberals politically, so its not any surprise that we would have that, especially in Austin.”

Welch helped organize the fifth Texas Pastor Policy Summit, where clergy from across the state meet to strategize with lawmakers.

“They're there to serve us, so its a good learning point for a lot of pastors who aren't familiar with the process,” he says. 

“Our charge to them is go back and get your people informed and involved, and make sure we're having an impact on what happens in Austin.”

The summit also covered topics such as school choice, foster care reform and pro-life issues.

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