Mainstream Media ups their fact checking game against Trump

The mainstream media has been more than just biased against President Donald Trump. They seem to be going above and beyond to do their bashing.

Media outlets are more aggressively fact checking the President, and have been doing so seemingly non-stop. Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review told KTRH says it was never this aggressive before.

“There’s no comparison between what they’re doing to Trump and what they did under Obama, which is essentially to ignore the misstatements by that administration,” Polland explained.

But Bill Adair at Duke University, who helped start PolitiFact, told KTRH fact checking has grown over the last four years. However, he says there is something different about this President.

“We have never seen an elected official of such prominence who has made so many false statements and often repeats those false statements,” Adair said.

Elsewhere, a new poll from Emerson College shows 49% think the Trump Administration is truthful, while just 38% say the same thing about the mainstream media.

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